Adidas Predator 18.1 Review

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Adidas have had great success with the Predator range after reviving their most popular boot silo. The Predator range has been modernized by a complete overhaul of its design. While previously created with a rugged and powerful form factor, the new iterations are sleek and streamlined whilst still featuring flashes of the Predator’s aggressive heritage. The visuals are not the only upgrade that the German sports brand have packed into their boots. Current Adidas technologies such as the Primknit and Control Skin have made their way into the Predator 18.1 design.



We got our hands on the Predator 18.1 in the vibrant Solar Yellow colorway as part of the Energy Pack Adidas released for the 2018 World Cup. This is an old school color combination that has been a fan favorite from the previous Predator generations. So it is a very welcome and visually appealing color combination.  The aesthetics are also boosted by the large three stripes branding on the lateral side of the boot, coupled with futuristic raised ridges covering the upper.

Size and Fit

The boots fit me true to size based on Adidas sizing. I have regular sized feet and I wear a size 9 US with Adidas but a 9.5 US with Nike. I did struggle to get my foot into the boots initially, due to the Primeknit collar. However, after experimenting with it, I determined that the best method was to hold the collar on its sides, then stretch it while pushing my foot into the boot. It also helped to use my thumb as a shoe horn when doing this.

The boots are more on the tighter side when it comes to fit. During my first wear, what I really liked was the lock down type feeling the boots had around my feet. It was the right amount of tightness that still felt comfortable without sacrificing the quick responsive feel. The boots are not specifically ‘lightweight’ but I think they have the right weight to them.


The upper of the Predator 18.1 is made of a synthetic called the Control Skin. The best way to describe the feel of the Control Skin is like a very high quality and soft layer of sponge. It feels very premium with a soft and smooth surface finish. Along the front and medial side of the shoe, Adidas have places raised bumps or ridges. These are designed to allow for an improved and cushioned touch on the ball. I thought the padding on the upper was also well suited for passing and shooting, with the raised bumps helping to pack a punch.

Under the control skin is a layer of Primeknit that is visible around the collar area. The soft and stretchy Primeknit felt very comfortable and seemed to adjust to the shape of my foot as I moved around in them. The collar around the ankles didn’t feel restricting at all and in my opinion it is one of the best collared boots on the market.


Outsole and Traction

The outsole of the Predator 18.1 consists of seven diamond shaped studs at the forefoot and four larger tear drop shaped studs at the heel. It was not the most flexible outsole I have tried but I thought it felt stable and provided great support. The stud pattern was well balanced and felt great for sprinting, turning and multi-directional movements.


Overall, I think the reincarnation of the Predator 18.1 was a big success. These boots had a great expectations to live up to due to it’s famous Predator name and although it is far from the original design, Adidas have done well to incorporate modern technology such as Primeknit to create a well balanced football boot that can help enhance a player’s skills on all fronts. Based on my review, I would rate the Predator 18.1 a very solid 90 out of 100. Even though they have a relatively high price point, I think the Predators would suit a player of any position, so I highly recommend you try them out for yourself.

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